This topic page has been designed to equip you with some tools and techniques to help you to identify priorities and manage your time so you can stay focused to ensure tasks and projects are completed.

Navigating this page

This page is split in to three sections. As we are all at a different places in our learning journey each resource has been selected to stand alone, you are not required to complete everything listed and can dip in and out as you need to.

Reflective questions encourage you to reflect on your learning consolidating the knowledge and skills you have acquired using them in best practice. Reflective questions also highlight which areas you may require additional support with. 

Generic reflection questions:

What have I learnt today?

What are my main areas of strength ?

Where might I need to develop further?

What steps am I going to take to improve my personal effectivness?


Core Skills

This section will give you an introduction to personal effectiveness and time management, allowing you to reflect on your current time management and what you might be able to do to improve your own personal effectiveness. You can start your learning with listening to this Pre-recorded Webinar and completing self reflection activity to help you understand where you can improve.



This section provides you with further resources, some of which cover tools and techniques mentioned in the webinar in the Core section.  This will allow you to start thinking about how you might use some of these on a daily or weekly basis



Expand your thinking

This section allows you to delve a little deeper into the topic of personal effectiveness and time management.

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