Communication is essential to our everyday lives, we do it all the time, it’s almost as natural as breathing yet messages so often get mixed up and cause unintended consequences. This page offers a series of resources that will help you think more about what communication is, understand different ways in which we communicate, reflect on your own communication style and offer you different ways in which you may wish to communicate. 


Navigating this page 

This page is split in to three sections. The sections do build from giving a base knowledge of communication, through to contextualising communication in various workplace scenarios and looking at more widely at communication and connection. As we are all at a different places in our learning journey each resource has been selected to stand alone, you are not required to complete everything listed and can dip in and out as you need to. 

Reflective questions encourage you to reflect on your learning consolidating the knowledge and skills you have acquired using them in best practice. Reflective questions also highlight which areas you may require additional support with.

Generic reflection questions:

What have I learnt today?

What are my main areas of strength in relation to this area of communication?

Where might I need to develop further?

What steps am I going to take to improve my communication skill?



Core Skills

Gives a basic overview of communication in a work context, why communication often fails, introduces three main ways in which we communicate and offers some questions to help you reflect on how well you communicate. 

Reflective questions:

What forms of communication do you typically utilise at work?

What makes a difference to how a message is perceived by a recipient?

What considerations do you make when deciding how to communicate? How much do you consider the recipient when choosing how to communicate?

What barriers are there to communication in your role?

What do your non-verbal cues say about you? (you may wish to ask colleagues for feedback on this?)





Offers a deeper understanding of the ways in which we communicate and gives ideas on how we can use these methods to communicate better.


Reflective questions:

How does interacting with people from different cultures impact my approach to communication?

What role does listening currently play in my communication?

What tone does by email communication style set?

When can I complete the communication challenge?




Expand your thinking

These resources go beyond and offer either a unique perspective on communication; specialist techniques; or look at the elements of communication that are particularly important in different work-based scenarios and give suggestions of how to operate in these situations.


Reflective questions:

How many languages do really you speak?

When could clean language be effective for me?





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Have we missed anything?

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