What are topic pages?

The topic pages have been developed to enable staff towards a more active blended learning approach to their development where they are able to fully engage with available resources finding the most applicable to their needs.

Within these pages, staff are able to access a plethera of resources that cater to all learning styles, about a specific topic and at differing levels of development for both personal and professional needs. The resources have been collated to ensure that staff are able to utilise flexibility and ownership of their development.

How best to use the topic pages:

Each of the topic pages entail a series of resources that encompass three different learning levels; Core skills, Development and Expert/Additional resources. Within each level, the client is able to work through a series of internal and external resources specific to the developmental topic and reflect on their learnings through some supporting reflective questions.

Core skills

These are entry level resources that enable you to learn the basics of a development topic.


These resources incorporate longer learnings that facilitate a deeper level of development.

Expert/Additional resources

Resources within this arena focus on given you the added extra needed to become skilled about a certain development topic.


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