Induction aims to help all new staff experience a smooth and supported transition into their new role at Coventry University. The session has been designed and shaped in collaboration between Organisation Development and subject-area leads, to enable you to network in a relaxed environment as well as sign-post you to the information needed to carry out your role with clarity and confidence.  

New staff are welcomed by a member of the University Leadership team and provided with an overview of our institution and the pillars of the Corporate Plan. Staff are invited to participate in  a group exploration to map the linkages between their own role and those of others and the impact these joint endeavours have in ‘Creating Better Futures’ locally and globally. A series of interactive sessions will follow, providing guidance and generating discussion to promote safe, secure and inclusive ways of working.

How to book 

Induction runs every month throughout the year. New staff will be invited to book their place at induction on joining the University via a welcome email from Organisation Development   

Existing staff are welcome to book a place to keep abreast of any changes since they joined, or if they started before this course was launched via our Course Booking system.  

Please click here to view the useful Information booklet with links to various relevant support services at the University.