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Coventry Essentials is the suite of e-learning modules through which we ensure that all Coventry University Group employees and workers are informed about both individual and organisational responsibilities, as set out in legislation and by governing bodies. All Coventry University Group employees and workers are therefore mandated to complete their Coventry Essentials training: to enable them to work efficiently, safely and securely, thereby equipped to succeed in their role. 

All Coventry Essentials modules have been designed to complement the trainer-led sessions delivered both in and outside of the Induction process, and seek to consolidate that learning through assessment. Prior attendance at a Manager's briefing therefore does not constitute completion of the relevant e-learning module. 

This suite of modules will be expanded and revised from time to time to reflect any legislative changes and/or additional requirements that we as an Organisation deem necessary in the interests of safety, compliance and student and staff well-being. All staff will be notified of these changes via Group-wide communications. 

All Coventry University Group employees and workers should complete their Coventry Essentials training within the first 10 days of their employment (or as agreed with their Line Manager), and at the following intervals thereafter:


Training Frequency 

Data Protection (GDPR) 


Health and Safety 

Every 3 years 

Diversity in the Workplace 

Every 3 years 

Bribery Act 2010 

Every 2 years 

Working with International Students 

Every 2 years   

Inclusive, Safe and Cohesive Campuses 

Every 3 years 

Student Disclosure of Unwanted Sexual Incidents

Every 2 years 

Consumer Rights 

Every 3 years 

Recruiting International Staff (Managers only) 

Every 2 years 

Coventry Essentials policy 

The Coventry Essentials policy can be accessed here and also via the People Gateway, under 'General policies and procedures'.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: As a new starter how do I access Coventry Essentials? 

A: Organisation Development receives a weekly new starter report which is used to create new starter accounts. If you have not received an email notification confirming your account set-up, please e-mail coventryessentials@coventry.ac.uk for a response within 2 working days. 

Q: How do I log-in? 

A: To log in click the "Login to Coventry Essentials" link at the top of this page, this will take you to a sign in page where you need to enter your Coventry University email address. Your password will be the same as the one you use to sign in to your computer/laptop. You will then be taken through to the Coventry Essentials platform.

Q. Can I complete the modules using a tablet or iPad? 

Unfortunately, you are unable to access the modules through a tablet or iPad. Please use a desktop or laptop.  

Q: Which web browsers can I use? 

The internet browsers listed below are compatible with Coventry Essentials modules, however please check that Flash is enabled to ensure that module content loads successfully.  Please follow the appropriate link for instructions: 



Internet Explorer 


Q: Are non-payroll staff required to complete the Coventry Essentials training? 

A: All staff who have access to systems are required to complete Coventry Essentials on-line training. Accounts are created for all new non-payroll staff on a weekly basis.  If you have not been notified of your account set-up, please e-mail coventryessentials@coventry.ac.uk for a response within 2 working days. 

Q: How can I see which modules I have completed? 

A: To view your completed modules, log in to access your user account and select 'Completed' modules. All of the modules you have completed will be displayed along with completion dates, and the option to download a certificate. 

Q: How will I know when I need to re-take a module? 

A: . It is vital that Coventry Essentials training is refreshed at stipulated intervals (see above), to ensure that employees maintain and update their knowledge and awareness of individual and corporate accountability in each topic area. It is the responsibility of each employee to make arrangements to complete and/or refresh their training to ensure that they remain compliant at all times. Three months in advance of the expiry date for a module, you will automatically be re-enrolled to complete the module again.


If you have any queries relating to Coventry Essentials, please contact the OD Admin Team by emailing coventryessentials@coventry.ac.uk 

Where reasonable adjustments are required to accommodate learning needs or adjustments, individuals should notify their Manager or contact the Organisation Development team for further advice.