The Coventry University Group is a global and complex organisation. To build on our successes in an ever changing sector, our aim is for our leaders to be recognised as partnership driven, dynamic and innovative with a passion for providing the best possible outcomes for our students and having a positive societal impact for both our local and international communities. 

Grounded in the Coventry University Group Leadership Framework, the aim of our Strategic Leaders Programme is to ensure we have the leadership capability to deliver on, and advance the 2021 corporate plan.  

The programme will develop leaders who embody Coventry University Group values to ‘build better futures’ and develop capabilities uniquely tied to the Coventry Way to enable our leaders to deliver on their corporate objectives through engaging their people and creating a path to become transformative game changers within the sector and beyond.  

Aimed at future senior leaders who are already operating at a senior management level within the organisation, this programme will consist of a small cohort of participants. Nominations will need to be proposed by line managers and agreed with the Executive Dean or Director and Organisation Development.

Programme overview  

The Strategic Leaders Programme will take a structured format lasting 7 months in length and will include the following modules:  

  • Strategic Insight  
  • Leading change 
  • Leading cross functional teams 
  • Building high performing team 
  • Leading with Impact 
  • Developing a global mindset   

Module delivery will include a mix of external and internal facilitators/presenters with a key focus on collaboration, sharing experiences and storytelling. 

The program will include a self-discovery phase where by delegates will partake in a:  

  • 360 process against the CUG Leadership Framework  
  • Psychometric assessment 
  • The identification of a stretch assignment linked to the local area business plan  
  • The selection of an internal coach, mentor or sponsor depending on the development needs of the delegate  

This will result in the development of a personal development plan closely aligned with each participant’s local area business plan and the stretch assignment agreed with the line manager. Further learning will also be promoted within the participation of peer mentoring support and challenge groups.