As an organisation we want to invest in our leaders to be the best that they can be and to lead the Coventry Way. To enable this, we launched the first cycle of the Practical Skills for Managers Programme in Summer 2019. This modular programme is aimed at those who lead others and/or manage managers, and will run several times a year. Cycle 2 will commence in February 2020.

The Practical Skills for Managers programme will help our leaders develop the core skills set out in the Leadership Framework. The framework and how it can be used to develop your practice as a leader is available via the ‘My leadership Journey’ webpage. This Group wide programme is delivered through a mixture of face to face workshops and webinars and also includes an aspect of pre and post work to each learning experience.

Programme Outline

We would encourage all leaders to book on to 1-2 modules per cycle which will allow more leaders to benefit from the programme, giving them ample time and space to develop/apply the core skills needed to lead the Coventry Way. We anticipate that all leaders (established and new to the organisation) would complete the full 7 modules over a 12 – 18-month period. Please note that if there are multiple dates available for each module, you only need to select one date.

The modules include:

  • Network event: Strategic insight
  • Developing yourself and others (includes the discovery phase)
  • How to develop personal & team resilience and thrive
  • Webinars: Leading cross functional teams, Building high performing teams, An introduction to unconscious bias
  • Managing team performance and absence
  • Difficult conversations
  • Network event: Inclusive leadership 

All delegates embarking on the programme will be expected to complete the compulsory induction webinar.

Please note that by booking onto this programme, we assume that you are currently leading others or managing managers and that you have discussed your attendance with your line manager.

Before you book! Top tips for getting the best out of the programme

We value our employees and want to help them to be the best that they can be. By completing the PS4M programme you are investing in yourself as a leader, allowing yourself the time and space to reflect, grow and apply new learning. Your line manager, peers and direct reports can be a great support in helping you flourish during and beyond the life of the programme.

Before starting we would advise you to:

  • Take stock, consider your strengths and areas of development against the leadership framework, what are your priority goals? Choose modules that will help you address your priorities initially
  • Share your aspirations for development with your line manager, exploring your strengths/areas of development against the leadership framework. Share what aspects of the programme will support your growth and why
  • Begin to communicate the support you might need from your line manager before, during and after the programme: stretch/shadowing opportunities, more regular 121’s or feedback. You may wish to explore how some of the pre and post work for a specific module could be built into your day to day work
  • Share your plans to attend the programme with your peers and team, explain that the programme will be encouraging you to try out new ways of working and to share your learning with others
  • The programme will stretch and challenge your current ways of working, we would encourage you to approach this with an open mind. You may wish to seek out the support of a coach or mentor via the coaching and mentoring academy during the life of the programme. Please note you may not be automatically allocated a coach and may be placed on a waiting list.
  • Create space for reflection during your working day whilst completing modules, even 1 hour a week could make a significant difference to your progress and learning
  • Approach modules and webinars with an open mind, participate/contribute wholeheartedly and challenge (appropriately!), get to know your peers and actively extend your network. Value and appreciate the space for reflection and growth

How to book on

Please discuss this programme with your line manager in the first instance. Bookings can be made through the course booking system by searching for ‘Practical Skills’. Dates for cycle 2 will be available from early November 2019.

If you have any queries, or wish to discuss further, please contact Gráinne Hearne.