The University already has a number of routes by which staff gain international exposure, including work conducted overseas and Conference or course attendance.  We also have a range of programmes managed through our Centre for Global Engagement, including those such as the Erasmus + scheme.  This Programme sits as part of these arrangements providing strategic opportunities for individuals who are sponsored by ULT to: 

  • Undertake exchanges and activities with strategic partners
  • Develop specific skills as part of our wider Talent management agenda
  • Develop our relationship with key partners by exposing them to our best staff
  • Develop our intercultural awareness and understanding in key Professional Services functions

What is the programme? 

The Strategic International Exchange Programme works with our partners across the world and allows professional services staff the opportunity for short or longer term work exchanges. Within the International Strategy for 2020 one key aim is to have 90% of our staff "internationally engaged", which includes staff mobility. Our overall mission is to create a sustainable and differentiated future, based on the preparation of students for global careers and the generation of knowledge relevant to global issues, all underpinned by high quality execution and partnership. Staff can be part of this by developing themselves and their Service area in an increasingly global university. The exchange needs to be for the purpose of developing skills/expertise and building positive relationships.

Who can take advantage of the programme? 

The programme is for staff who can utilise their experiences to implement strategic change within their Service/School.  All staff taking part will need to be nominated by their Service Head to ensure business continuity.​

How long do I spend at a partner?

1 week to 1 month dependant on requirements and circumstances

Who funds the programme?

The cost of funding is shared between Organisation Development (OD) and the relevant service. The funding from OD is limited and cost-share will be negotiated with the service.

How is the exchange arranged?

We have a number of existing partners who are involved in the programme already and others who have expressed an interest. These are mainly strategic partners where we offer Coventry University awards however some are existing or developing "joint ventures". The exchange will be arranged between Group Organisation Development, the partner organisation and the participant.  Support for staff mobility is available from the Office of Global Affairs.

What is the "exchange" part?

You may be expected to host a member of staff from the partner organisation when they come to Coventry.  This would involve working with others at the University to provide a worthwhile experience for the exchange member of staff to meet their requirements for the exchange.

What do I need to do now?

Contact Rebecca Russell to discuss the opportunities further.