Welcome to My Leadership Journey 

Here you will find a space for all leaders (both aspiring and established) to take stock and reflect on your leadership practice, review strengths and areas of development against the leadership framework and begin to plan your development journey.  

We have our leadership framework which clearly outlines the expectations of all leaders. However with the support of a number of leaders from across Coventry University Group we have created an interpretation of this framework at four levels: Aspiring Leaders, Leading Others, Leading Managers and Leading a Business Area. The aim of each interpretation is to help you, our leaders, understand what behaviours are encouraged at each level, support your personal learning needs analysis and development planning. 

Click the images below to access the interpretation at the specified level.

Leadership Arrow

Aspiring Leaders

Charting and embarking upon your leadership journey

Leading Others

Leading Others

A team or project leader who inspires action, collaboration and learning

Leading Managers

Leading Managers

Managing competing demands, multiple reporting lines, simplifying complexity & being comfortable with ambiguity

Leading a Business Area

Leading a Business Area

 Interpreting the global market to inform business area direction & anticipated customer needs & building a high performing senior leadership team ​​​​​

Leadership Case Studies

To further inform your perspective and practice various leaders from across the group have shared stories of their Leadership journey so far. The videos are not intended as a one size fits all template of how you should approach your development but are given as shared experience. A chance to reflect on some of the practical realities of leadership at different levels, see what others have done, hear about the mistakes they have learnt from and what tips they have picked up along the way.

Samir Irfan and Stacey Jones talk about how they display leadership in their current role and look for opportunities to stretch their skills.

Join Fiona Secondino as she explains her journey from secretary to Head of Research Delivery Support Unit and how authenticity plays a crucial role in leadership.

Kerry McGreavy and Darshna Vaidya discuss the importance of translating the strategic plan and the challenges of their leading teams.

Thea Gibbs reflects on the intersection between strategic planning and operational reality as well as sharing her 3 key leadership behaviours.

Kirsty Kift shares her experience of reframing relationships when moving from being a member of a team to then managing that same team.

Watch Phil Brabban as he talks about agility, reflectiveness and decision making; some of the skills he believes are key in leadership.

Development Planning Tools

To support your leadership development planning you may wish to utilise the tools, in the resources area, on the right hand side of this page:

  • GAPS Grid - a gap analysis tool
  • Gathering feedback - tips on how to effectively gather feedback on your performance
  • Development plan template
  • Developmet at all stages - recommendations for leadership development journey at 0-6 months, 6 – 12 months, 12 – 18 months and beyond ……