Capability Framework

Your body language may shape who you are (Video)

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that "power posing" -- standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don't feel confident -- can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success.*

What does my headscarf mean to you? (Video)

What do you think when you look at this speaker? Well, think again. (And then again.) In this funny, honest, empathetic talk, Yassmin Abdel-Magied challenges us to look beyond our initial perceptions, and to open doors to new ways of supporting others.

* NOTE: Some of the findings presented in this talk have been referenced in an ongoing debate among social scientists about robustness and reproducibility. For more details click here.

Leadership and Management

What really motivates us (video)

This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink's talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. 

The Speed of Trust presented @ LEAD (video series)

 Covey shows you how to inspire immediate trust in everyone you encounter - colleagues, constituents, the marketplace - allowing you to forego the time-killing and energy-draining check and balance bureaucracies that are so often relied upon in lieu of actual trust.

Digital Literacy

Learning online (short course)

Increasingly information is provided in a digital format and learning in this way can be a real transition. This course aims to develop the skills needed to learn and communicate effectively online.

How can LinkedIn Learning help me achieve my goals?

Whatever your direction and goals, LinkedIn Learning has short video-based courses to help you develop the skills you need. These could be directly relevant to a job (like web development) or just plain useful (like improving your interview skills). There are thousands of video courses available, all led by experts and all free for you to watch anytime.

As staff of Coventry University, you get free access to Linkedin Learning's extensive library. Simply activate your account and start learning today..

  1. Activate your Linkedin Learning account: go to this activation page and follow the short steps. 

  2. Once activated, you will be able to log in using your normal staff user name and password by going to and clicking the ‘sign in’ button in the top right hand corner.
  3. If you encounter any problems accessing LinkedIn Learning, please contact the Linkedin help team and they will be happy to help.

After that, nothing can stop you from accessing all the great videos and courses available!


As well as hosting Coventry University Online degree programmes, the FutureLearn platform also offers access to hundreds of on-line courses, many of which are free of charge. To explore further click here.