Capability Framework

Bitty and Beau's Coffee (Video)

Inclusivity and respect is a key part of our Capability Framework. This short video about Bitty and Beau’s coffee in Wilmington, North Carolina just reminds us what a motivating and productive atmosphere valuing diversity can create.

How to Make toast (Video)

Do you have challenges or problems that you and your team need to solve? We suspect that you have never thought about how making toast can help you solve them, watch this TED talk to find our more.

Leadership and Management

How great leaders inspire action (video)

Getting people to follow your lead can sometimes be difficult, in this talk Simon Sinek draws from the world of sales and advertising to present a theory of how great leaders inspire action in their followers.

Leadership Stories (video series)

It is often said that we learn best from our mistakes, but why make a mistake that someone else has already made and is willing to share their wisdom with you. This series by Paul A Smith draws upon interviews with 250 CEOs to provide valuable leadership insights in an engaging storytelling way.

Digital Literacy

Learning online (short course)

Increasingly information is provided in a digital format and learning in this way can be a real transition. This course aims to develop the skills needed to learn and communicate effectively online.

Skype for Business (short course)

Skype for Business is a great tool for connecting with colleagues across campus and the University group as a whole. Take this course to learn how to get the best out of this communication tool.

Microsoft Office - Coming soon

Social Media - Coming soon

Learning Online - Coming soon is an online skills development service. It hosts a library of video courses in a range of subject areas. You can use to learn digital, technology, creative and business skills. Coventry University offers this software free of charge to all staff and students. can complement your role and support your own personal development. You can use it to increase your knowledge base or widen your skillset in other areas. 

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  4. Enter the credentials you use to sign in with your organization.

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As well as hosting Coventry University Online degree programmes, the FutureLearn platform also offers access to hundreds of on-line courses, many of which are free of charge. To explore further click here.