The ‘How to… Coaching and Mentoring’ series of webinars are aimed at all members of staff who would like place development at the heart of the conversations they have with their peers and team members.  All you will need is a quiet space where you’re unlikely to be interrupted and access to a laptop or PC with sound.  Booking is essential and can be done on our Course Booking system.

Please note that the current webinars advertised from April to June 2019 form part of the Leadership Series and are aimed at our leaders and managers across the group.  Further webinar dates for all staff will be advertised shortly.

How to… Listen to understand 


  • Types of listening and the benefits of focused listening 
  • Practising focused listening 
  • Listening to understand  
  • Body language 

How to… Have a Coaching Conversation 


  • Benefits of using a coaching style  
  • Approach and structure of a coaching conversation 
  • Success factors 

How to… Get the most out of coaching and mentoring


  • Introduction to The Coaching and Mentoring Academy 
  • What is coaching and how does it differ from mentoring? 
  • Applying for a coach or mentor 
  • Getting the most out of your sessions as a coachee or as a mentee 

Leader as Coach 


  • The notion of the role of a leader being command and control, is an outdated view.  This webinar will explore the benefits of developing a ‘leader-as-coach' culture. 
  • The principles of coaching 
  • Knowing why and when to coach 
  • Coaching competencies 
  • Facilitating change and development 

How to… Ask Powerful Questions 


  • Types of questions and benefits 
  • The right question at the right time 
  • Examples of powerful questions

How to… Mentor 


  • Benefits of mentoring to the mentor and mentee 
  • The role of the mentor 
  • Success factors 

How to… Give and Receive Feedback 


  • Types of feedback 
  • Barriers to giving and receiving feedback 
  • A framework for giving positive and constructive feedback