Coaching and mentoring form a part of our learning ethos and a key part of leadership development here at Coventry University. 

Coaching and mentoring are not reliant upon seniority, age, gender, grade, or job role.  Our coaches and mentors come from a growing academy of trained professionals who represent our organisation's diversity. 

At Coventry University we view coaching and mentoring as supportive, developmental processes.  Mentoring is typically a longer-term relationship where the mentor is more skilled or knowledgeable in a specific area than the mentee and focuses on a transfer of skill or knowledge.  A coach's role differs from that of a mentor, in that the coach will partner with the coachee to facilitate learning by using professional techniques.  Both coaching and mentoring should support the achievement of the coachee and mentees goals.

Through the artful use of listening, questioning techniques and reflection, both coaches and mentors help to clarify an individual's thinking in the service of action.

Coaching and mentoring is available to all employees throughout the University group who have the support of their manager to engage in the process.

Coaching and Mentoring can help:  

  • To provide support with a new role or promotion 

  • To support individuals experiencing or leading change

  • You identify the next step in your career and how to take it 

  • To build confidence 

  • To provide a neutral 'sounding-board' and offer constructive challenge 

  • To reflect on leadership challenges and develop action plans

  • Provide support with special projects 

  • Improve interpersonal skills 

  • Succession planning

Coaching and Mentoring are not: 

  • Methods where all solutions are provided by the coach or mentor 

  • Performance Management 

  • Directive 

  • A way of correcting behaviours or actions 

  • A replacement for counselling 

  • Unstructured. Good quality coaching and mentoring conversations should be structured around the goals you would like to achieve. 

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